Best Peshawari Chappal 

History of Peshawari Chappal 

Peshawari Chappal is a district located in the west of the Peshawar division in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Charsadda has been famous due to its historic and political nature. It entails rich ranging from food to footwear. From wonderful aromatic Beef Kababs to the colorful dresses and the infamous Saplay(Pronounced as ‘Sup- Lay’). Also called Peshawari Kheri.

Making of Peshawari Chappal

Peshawari Chappal is a Century old footwear for men, This is not only survive but also getting new attention from word, because of it comfortableness, unique and attractive handmade design. People of South Asia & Subcontinent like Pakistan, Afghanistan & Some Parts of India are familiar with Peshawari Chappal., It might be possible that they call it ‘Saplai’, ‘Kheri‘ or Peshawari Chappal but at least once the must have worn this ‘footwear.

Peshawari Chappal A Traditional Footwear

Since Imran Khan showed up wearing Peshawar Shappal public, street fashion has been redefined permanently. In the fashion market, these leather sandals have provoked local and international designers to spread the Peshawar culture in every part of the world. These semi-closed chappals are the go-to fashion for youngsters specifically.

Originated from one hundred years ago, the robust chappal is perfect for the  mountains and adds style to your routine and special days dress up. However, these chappals have evolved, and it is not limited to leather upper and tire sole anymore. Designers have tried their best to make it compatible with the contemporary world. Now they are available in multiple styles, colors and materials that are ideal for flat areas as well.

Peshawar Chappal, a simple style, is the daily footwear for men. Some fancy articles are part and parcel of special occasions such as Eid, Barat, Engagement, Christmas , Fridays, Family and Friends’ feasts, and all special days when put on with Kurta Shalwar and Waistcoat. Peshawari Chappal is very popular in our days. Moreover, they look perfect at office parties and birthdays.

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