• Dandruff treatment
• Hair loss prevention.
• It soothes irritated skin.
• It helps to protect skin and smooths skin.
• Best for Hair Conditioner.
• Healthy for your nails, skin and hair.
• Reduces the appearance of stretch marks.
• minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

Not all virgin coconut oil is the same.

Each supplier / brand has their own process with extracting the oil. The more skilled the manufacturer, the higher the quality.

If that’s the case, how can you tell each brand apart? And what exactly is high-grade virgin coconut oil like?

This is an extremely detailed guide that will discuss the best way to spot the best virgin coconut oil in the market.

  1. Physical properties
  2. Chemical properties
  3. The Coconuts
  4. The Company and its Factory


To summarize, virgin accuont oil is produce from fresh coconut meat through natural processing and undergoing without any chemical processing or additives. It is the pure form of coconut oil, water-like in color, clarity, and viscosity. It has a distinct aroma of fresh coconut thus is easier to drink as functional food. (A functional food provides not only nutrition .

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Brain Health and More

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