Gas Hob 60 CM

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 60cm
  • Energy Type: NG/LPG
  • Flame Pressure + Position
    • Center Left Outside : Double Ring (4kW)
    • Front Right : Semi Rapid light flame(1.40 kW)


Gas Hob 60 CM

Trying to guess the power of the flame is just part of the past. With ExactFlame you can easily control the flame intensity with the highest precision. You can choose a range of power from 1 to 9, ready for any kind of cooking you need at any time.

High efficiency burners

High-efficiency SABAF® burners reduce gas consumption and carbon monoxide by up to 25%. Cook your favourite recipes while you save money and take care of the environment.

Cast iron grids

Cast iron grids with curves designed to slide every pan from one burner to another with complete freedom. Higher independence to work in any cooking area.


You don’t need a lighter to generate the spark, the AutoIgnition technology, will generate it automatically. Turn the knob and the flame will show up. Gas Hob 60 CM is very useful for your home and anywhere.

Wok support

Take advantage of the wok benefits with the wok pan adapter (optional). The best way of cooking is to preserve the nutrients with just a bit of oil.

  • Front control knobs with ergonomic design
  • Ceramic glass surface
  • 9 power levels with precise control of the flame
  • Automatic-ignition in every burner, activated through control knobs

Cooking or tea making, both together are our favorite routines without which our day is incomplete. Super Asia gas hob with the 3 burner functions adds comfort in your cooking time that apart from cooking food allows you to make tea at the same time with its medium-sized middle burners that is also perfect for small scale cooking. Super Asia gas hob apart from having 3 burners suitable for any kind of kitchen by having smart shape and size along with enamel support that gives your cooking cabinet a more stylish look by its glossy coated paint body. China burner with safety, Super Asia gas hob perfect to use on all kinds of gas types be it LPG or natural gas by having a safety system that prevents hazards or damage of any kind.

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