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It’s little wonder a woman looks at her engagement ring more than a million times in a lifetime so we’re proud to make sure that a ROX diamond engagement ring is something you can cherish forever. It’s no secret that ROX is committed to all things diamonds and thrills – with diamond engagement rings the jewel in the crown of our specialties. Inspired by designs of the past whilst keeping a close eye on the latest trends and contemporary style, impeccable design is at the heart of everything we do at ROX. Every engagement ring is designed with its beautiful diamond centerpiece in mind to create a work of art worthy of displaying something so sentimental and special. We appreciate that no two love stories are the same and we are honored to capture yours in a handcrafted heirloom of the future.

Breathtaking Beauty

Our diamond engagement rings are beautifully handcrafted to suit the size, shape and cut of each individual diamond to ensure there is no compromise on its beauty. Our master craftsmen take every detail into account to ensure that each centre stone is set relative to the diamond’s size to ensure that it always catches the light for optimum sparkle. Each diamond is held by fine talon claws that blend delicately into the facets of the diamond. Hand set and hand polished by the finest craftsmen, we ensure that every one of our diamond Engagement rings exceeds the ROX standard.

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