Leather Socks

Leather Socks best socks for winter

These are soft leather sock that can be used for Islamic Prayers, dawah journeys or just to keep your feet warm in the winter

Leather sock provide warmth and convenience

Wear them in a state of wudu, say after taking bath, and then keep them on for up to 24 hours while staying at home and up to 72 hours while traveling

Then every time you perform wudu, you do not have to wash your feet while they are on; just wipe a wet hand over

Leather Socks best socks for winter

Benefits of Leather Sock:

Leather Socks best socks for winter

  • Leather Sock are soft leather sock that can be used for Islamic Prayers.
  • It is a sunnah,
  • Protects from feet from diseases
  • Protects from the cold,
  • Prevents chipping and soreness,
  • Keeps the feet dry which prevents bad odor.
  • Fabric: Leather
  • Type: Leg Warmers
  • Size: All available

Here is an easy guide:

 We put them on in a state of Wudhu.2.       The wiping time is twenty four hours for a resident and seventy two for a traveller.3.       The time starts when he breaks wudhu and ends in twenty four hours if resident and seventy two hours if travelling.4.       The method of wiping is by taking their wet hand and wiping the sock from the tips to the top of the sock.5.       He wipes a minimum of the area of three fingers on the sock.6.       Both socks are wiped, right first.7.       The area that he wipes is the front or sides but not the bottom of the s   Every time one breaks wudhu the socks are wiped. The normal circumstances that cause wudhu to be repeated cause the wiping to be repeated.

How to use leather socks

How to use leather socks :The Sunnah alternative to washing feet is to wear leather socks and wipe over them. This was something that was mass transmitted by the companions of the Prophet (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him).  It is a rarely practiced Sunnah that needs to be revived Leather Socks best socks for winter

Thermal Regulation:

Naturally porous, bamboo fiber is an excellent thermal regulator. The inner layer of The Wudhu Socks is made out of the bamboo fiber, which will keep your feet comfortable throughout the seasons.

Fit In Shoes With Ease:

One of the major problems with leather khuff is that they don’t fit in shoes comfortably. We tackled this issue by ensuring The Wudhu Socks are light and thin, allowing you to fit them in your regular shoes with ease. Machine-Washable:


The socks are meant for both men and women.

MALE: Your Leather Socks size is your US shoe size. For Example: If you wear US shoe size 10, you should buy leather socks size 10.

FEMALE: The sizes mentioned are men’s. Your Leather Socks size should be one size smaller than your US shoe size. For Example: If you wear US shoe size 10, you should buy leather socks size 9. Persons with thicker ankle area should buy one size larger than the prescribed size above. If you use a half-size shoe (example 7.5), you should select the next bigger size (example 8). We do not have any half-size socks.

Leather socks (huffs) for easiness in wuzu


While doing wuzu, It’s uneasy and embarrassing to wash our feet in a toilet or in a wash basin, especially in an office, where there is no provision to wash the feet. Moreover, it doesn’t seem to be so easy and clean method to remove our socks in the toilet, then wash our feet, and then wear back our socks and shoes, and come out of the toilet.


To some extent, leather socks, called as huff (pl. khuffain) in Arabic, can help us out.

Masah of khuffs:

After completing wuzu with water in a normal way, including washing of the feet with water, being in the state of wuzu wear clean leather socks.

So now on, only wiping (masah) these huffs with a wet hand should be enough in wuzu, instead of washing complete feet. So, whenever we need to make our wuzu, just remove the shoes in the workplace, and walk till the wash-basin with the khuffs to the wash-basin.

Then start normal wuzu, and when we need to wash the feet, just do masah of the feet, and the wuzu is valid now.

Another suggestion is that, if we have a problem wearing shoes upon these chuffs, we better use a half-shoe.

Since many of us work in corporate offices, where we need to wear formal shoes, wearing a

formal-type half-shoe, which is open from behind, should be a better preference, as this can be worn/unworn very easily.

Validity time of the khuffs on:

  • After wearing the khuffs for the first time after washing feet in wuzu, its validity starts.


Using wet hands, the wiping of the huffs should start from the tips of the toes to upwards. Wiping on the chuffs is on their outside, in lines with the fingers, starting from the tips of the toes [and continuing] to the shin.

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