Mince Machine

Meat Mincer Electric Power

Watts power is one of the most important factors you need to check before making a purchase since there are many different options in the market, each with its own power. The higher the power the stronger the motor and the faster the mincing! Also, higher power means more electric consumption. This machine is very useful. Most of the people buy Mince Machine

For home use, a mincer with a power between 1200 to 2000 watts is good. A motor with 1/3 horse power can mince in an efficient way. This is also considered the average power for home use. As for commercial mincers, they usually have 1.5 horse powers.

Meat Mincer Capacity / Meat Mincer Size

Generally, you cannot determine the exact capacity of meat mincers as it depends on many factors like: tube radiance, plate type, face cover radiance (that determines thickness of minced meat), in addition to how meat is pressed down the tube to reach the blades and then exit the machine.

Nonetheless, some mincers have the capacity written on them (or the amount of minced meat per minute) but that cannot be precise as the size of the mincer and its tube/tray can take bigger quantities!  Therefore, the bigger the mincer, the more meat it can withstand.

Technical Specifications

Core Length1.0m
Frequency50 HZ
ColorsWhite / Caribbean Blue
Material of main bodyABS Plastic
Material of accessoriesStainless steel
Material bladeStainless Steel

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