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Throughout its life, a truly fine luxury watch will very rarely be owned by just one person, and many Rolex watches have multiple owners throughout their lifetimes. Whether they get handed down to subsequent generations within the same family or sold on the open market, most high-end timepieces are likely to pass through a number of hands along their journey.

Trade In Your Rolex

Style, as they say, never goes out of fashion, meaning a vintage Rolex model from 30 years ago is today just as relevant design-wise as when it was first made. And, in the case of Rolex especially, the quality of manufacture is so high, the brand’s timepieces tend to outlive their owners – and generally look a lot better while they’re doing it!

Longevity and timeless looks add up to watches that hold their worth extremely well, and in many cases, appreciate in value. It’s what makes the vintage and pre-owned industry so strong, with some estimates putting Rolex’s slice of the pie at around $100 billion.


Rado is luxury watch brand with many outstanding qualities to offer. They are well known in the watch world for their innovative use of material. With more than a century’s worth of experience and having pioneered the use of ceramics in watchmaking, Rado has earned its spot at the top. If you still need a bit more convincing, here’s 5 reasons to buy a Rado watch.

You Value Durability

Producing highly durable watches is at the heart of the brand’s beliefs. As mentioned above, Rado has been one of the leading brands behind the introduction of high-tech ceramics into the watch industry. Ceramics is a highly durably, high-strength material used in medicine, in engineering and by NASA. It is lightweight and scratch resistant. It does not contain any metals, which makes it incredibly skin safe and gentle. This material, which allows for the highest level of comfort is central to Rado’s philosophy.


Sveston is one of the few companies that has maintained the combination of affordability and technical expertise. A prestigious watch is a combination of high-quality designs and features. According to its modern features, our sveston watch meets the same flexibility range as it has contemporary features.

The most amazing feature of the Sveston watch is it can resist 3 ATMs (Water pressure).3 ATM water pressure is equivalent to 101.6 feet, and sveston watch could bear water pressure under 101.6 feet depth of the sea.


Titan, the world’s fifth largest watchmaker, has launched 3 distinct collections here in the UAE, it was announced today.

With Diwali and the festive season now up on us what better occasion than to “Gift a Smile” with a Titan. Each collection offers new interpretations on the renowned brand’s most celebrated watches and is exquisitely designed to accentuate a person’s unique identity and style.

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