Court Marriage

Do you have a question about how to do a court marriage in Lahore?

We have explained our Legal Services Regarding Court Marriage Registration in Lahore

We are working in Lahore since 2007 and have earned a name of trust and reliability in various fields of law, one of those many is family laws and court marriages.

When a couple decides to make a decision against the will of their parents due to any reason

they face a very difficult situation about hiring a lawyer in Lahore for their court marriage process.

Our team of expert lawyers in Lahore has simplified the whole court marriage procedure and

we ensure 100% confidentiality at all levels and try our best to secure the constitutional rights of a couple who want to enter into a marital bond.

List of the documents required for court marriage registration in Lahore…

  1. National ID cards of both. Just in case someone does not have an ID card, we can use Form B and Matriculation certificate as proof of age and identity.
  2. Four passport-size photos of the lady.
  3. Proof documents in case of any party are divorced or widow issued by a competent authority.
  4. A Free Will Affidavit in Stamp Paper (It will be prepared by us on your arrival at our Lahore office at the scheduled time.)
  5. Two male persons have valid national Identity Cards as witnesses of the marriage. We can also arrange your witnesses. This service will cost some additional amount.
  6. This service is usually used by couples who are either not able to manage or want to keep their marriage a secret.

Step by Step process of Court marriage in Lahore

  • Arrange all the documents above mentioned.
  • You contact us either through our website’s contact page or a phone call or through WhatsApp for an initial discussion.
  • Book an appointment with us at least one or two days in advance.
  • Visit our office at the scheduled time.
  • We do not need your presence for more than 2 hours at our office. However, mentioning 2 hours is for the safe side, your court marriage process shall be completed even much sooner.
  • Free Will Affidavit for marriage and marriage registration with Nikah Registrar etc. shall also be done by our lawyers.

Court Marriage Fee in Lahore

The fee for a court marriage varies depending on case to case therefore we recommend you to either write us an email along with your details or call us anytime between 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM

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