Electronic thermometer


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1. Designed with two temperature probes to check different cooking things

2. Both channels designed with different taste and the corresponding temperature alarm.




  1. 1. Temperature measurement range:-50 to 300 ℃(-58℉-572℉)
  2. 2. Display resolution:1℃(1℉)
  3. 3. Measurement accuracy:± 1 ℃( or ± 2 ℉)
  4. 4. Temperature measurement and RF signal cycle: 5S
  5. 5. Alarm:When the testing temperature reach your target temperature, there will be a “BIBIBI” alarm ring each 2 seconds; The alarm will be stopped when it comes back to the target temperature or by pressing any button.
  6. 6. Boot default settings:BEEF,WELL DOWN(The two channels are the same.)
  7. 7. There will be a “BI” sound and display of antenna when the receiver get the signal from  Transmitter; The antenna symbol will lost one line when the receiver can not get the signal after one minute, and lost two lines after two minutes, by the mean time, it will flicker, and will disappear after four minutes without signal.


Buttons on receiver:


Press anybutton to turn on the back light, and it will auto turn off 5 seconds later without using.


1.CH button:Press CH button to switch between channel 1 and channel 2.

2.MEAT button:Press the MEAT button to select the meat type in the Corresponding channel.

3.TASTE button:Press the TASTE button to select the flavors in the corresponding meat.(There is only one taste for some meat, so can bot be changed when you press)

4.MODE button:Short press forCelsius/Fahrenheit Switchable; long press “ MODE” Key for 2 seconds till the digit flicker ,then you can program the temperature you want. Press “ MEAT” key to increase the temperature, to speed up, you can long press “MEAT” key ( It will increase 8 per second ). Press” TASTE” key to reduce the temperature. After all these set done, press the “MODE” key again to confirm. Same steps for the other channel.


Buttons on Transmitter :


1.ON/OFF toggle switch: Turn ON/OFF the product.

2.C/F toggle button: switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius.


How to replace the battery :








When the low battery symbol appears on LCD screen , please replace the battery in time. (Or the signal will not stable when the power is too low)


Maintenance method:

1.This product is small-sized and easy to take. The following suggestions will help you to extend it’s lifetime.

2.Please keep the product dry. And avoid rain, moisture, and all kinds of fluids, or that will corrupt electronic components and circuits.

3.Let it away from high temperature. High temperature will shorten the life of electronic devices, and the lifetime of some plastic deformation; battery is also easy to burst.

4.The rough way of using may damage the internal circuit board.

5.Please do not disassemble this product by yourself.


Weight 0.23 kg
Dimensions 150 × 100 × 30 cm



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