Hyaluronic Acid Duck Clothes Accessories Hyaluronic Acid 30cm Hat Glasses Small Yellow


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Product information:

Color: small strawberry shape bag, blue sweater, Green pomelo sweater, red grapefruit sweater, watermelon sweater, yellow sweater, color sweater, pink small skirt, Cyan small skirt, red and white striped sweater, pink T-shirt, white love Crown sweater, bucket hat, pink suspender pants, red castle sweater, yellow T-shirt, frog suspender pants, black, hoodie, red sweater, red T-shirt, purple fleece, strawberry sweater, pink T-shirt pink bunny suspender pants, yellow T-shirt White suspender pants, red T-shirt White suspender pants, beige bear hat, Christmas red boot sweater, colorful bright star sweater, orange sweater, TikTok hair band, round neck strawberry skirt, Christmas woolen cap, yellow T White small flower suspender pants, pink T White small flower suspender pants, white bright star sweatshirt, white suspender pants, pink T White suspender pants, pink T pink fluffy rabbit suspender pants, pink T pink fluffy rabbit suspender pants strawberry shape bag, pink white T-shirt White small flower suspender pants red strawberry shape bag

Multi-function or not: no

Applicable age: children (4-6 years old)

Packing method: net pocket

Height: suitable for 30cm duck

Packing list:


Product Image:

Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 100 × 150 × 30 cm

Fit 30cm Duck


Beige Bear Hat, Black, Hoodie, Blue Sweater, Bucket Hat, Christmas Red Boot Sweater, Christmas Woolen Cap, Color Sweater, Colorful Bright XINGX Sweater, Cyan Small Skirt, Frog Suspender Pants, Green Pomelo Sweater, Orange Sweater, Pink Small Skirt, Pink Suspender Pants, Pink T Shirt, Pink T White Suspender Pants, Purple Fleece, Red And White Striped Sweater, Red Castle Sweater, Red Grapefruit Sweater, Red Sweater, Red T Shirt, Round Neck Strawberry Skirt, Small Strawberry Shape Bag, Strawberry Sweater, TikTok Hair Band, Watermelon Sweater, White Bright XINGX Sweater, White Love Crown Sweater, White Suspender Pants, Yellow Sweater, Yellow T Shirt


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