Rechargeable LED Torch Light

Rechargeable LED Torch Light

New Arrival Lithium Battery Flashlight with 1W Imitation Aluminum Light Cup 2 Step Push Switch Battery 2400mAh V8 Port USB Charging LineEveready is one of the leading manufacturers of lights in PAKISTAN. Eveready’s highly durable rechargeable torches are available in a wide range of dimensions, wattages, designs and colour options. The superior quality rechargeable batteries in these torches not only ensure super bright light but these also last longer compared to any market torches. Rechargeable LED Torch Light

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Easy to charge:

these flashlights are good to go for several hours at a stretch offering very bright LED illumination.Over the years, Eveready’s Rechargeable Torches have gained wide popularity owing to the contemporary features such as the Power On-Off LED indicator.easy to slide switch, built in charger and plug and more importantly for its reliability and durability.Eveready’s high watt range of Rechargeable models such as DL96 and DL 99 are a constant companion of farmers.

security guards and all those who frequently need moving around in dark or dimly lit areas. Farmers need powerful and reliable torches during their daily visits to the fields for irrigation purpose during the night. Similarlytorches that have a long focus range and can be easily carried along are widely used for surveillance by security guards. These range of rechargeable Torches, also known as Kisan Torches are super powerful and bright, Rechargeable LED Torch lights

ensure higher light output and have a short recharging time that make these the true partners in their daily life.Rechargeable torches are becoming more and more popular these days in terms of energy and cost efficiency. Eveready offers rechargeable torches that are true value-for-money and a handy option in case of power cuts or to illuminate dimly lit urban and semi-urban households.Eveready is one of the leading manufacturers of rechargeable LED torch lights in pakistan.

Eveready’s highly durable rechargeable torches are available in a wide range of dimensions, wattages, designs and colour options. The superior quality rechargeable batteries in these torc

Professional Torch Light: Illuminate your path brightly with Sonashi LED torchlight. Its sleek and lightweight design makes it convenient to hold and carry anywhere.

A perfect companion for everyday use, night watch, camping, maintenance, and other outdoor activities.

Bright Illumination:

Equipped with a high-quality hyper-bright LED bulb, this rechargeable torchlight has 5 hours continuous working capacity.

It gives out a cool daylight beam up to a high range.

Superior LED Bulb: This long-range flashlight has 130,000 hours long life.

The front bulb cover glass is unbreakable and the LED light ensures high light quality, high efficacy,

and l It shows excellent shock and corrosion resistance which makes it suitable for use in harsh outdoor environments.

Product Specifications: Sonashi outdoor torchlight comes in classic black colour with a green night glow band.

It is powered through a battery which can be recharged.

The handheld flashlight is designed with premium quality aircraft aluminium and is waterproof, making it a tactical tool that can be carried in any condition.

It is ideal to carry for hiking, camping, and other adventure trips.

Product details

Power and Plug DescriptionBattery Powered
Light Source TypeLED
Included ComponentsLight kit included
Battery Cell CompositionLead Acid

The flashlight has a hyper bright LED light for the highest performance. It features an unbreakable front cover, perfect for taking a walk at night or navigating at home in the darkness.

The tactical flashlight offers a bright cool daylight beam that covers a long distance. This makes the torch highly versatile and suitable for maximum tasks taking place in super-low light conditions.

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