Camera V380 PRO E27 360 Degree LED Light 1080P


In today’s fast-paced world, security and convenience are paramount. The Camera V380 PRO E27 360 Degree LED Light 1080P is an innovative device that combines both these elements seamlessly. In this blog post, we will dive into the features, applications, and benefits of this unique product.


  1. 360-Degree Panoramic View: The Camera V380 PRO offers a full 360-degree panoramic view, ensuring that no corner of your space goes unnoticed. Whether you’re monitoring your home, office, or store, this camera provides comprehensive coverage.
  2. 1080P HD Video: With its high-definition 1080P video recording capability, you can expect clear and crisp footage. This feature is especially crucial for identifying faces, license plates, or other critical details.
  3. LED Light Integration: One of the standout features is the integration of an LED light. This dual-purpose device serves as both a security camera and a functional light source. You can control the light remotely through your smartphone app, making it a versatile addition to any space
  4. Motion Detection:
  5. The camera comes equipped with motion detection capabilities. When it senses movement, it can send alerts to your mobile device, allowing you to stay informed and take action as needed.
  6. Two-Way Audio: Communicate in real-time through the camera’s built-in speaker and microphone. This is useful for interactive monitoring or even for using the device as an intercom.


  1. Home Security: Protect your home by installing the Camera V380 PRO in key areas such as the front door, back yard, or garage. You can remotely check in on your property anytime, anywhere.
  2. Business Surveillance: Business owners can use this camera to monitor their establishments, ensuring the safety of employees and customers. The LED light feature also adds to the overall security of the premises.
  3. Baby and Pet Monitoring: Keep an eye on your loved ones, whether it’s your baby sleeping in the nursery or your furry friend playing in the living room. The two-way audio function allows for comforting communication.
  4. Retail Stores: Retailers can benefit from the Camera V380 PRO’s wide-angle view to monitor their store, aisles, and cash registers. It also acts as a deterrent to potential shoplifters.


  1. Cost-Effective: This all-in-one device eliminates the need for separate security cameras and lighting fixtures, saving you money in the long run.
  2. Convenience: The smartphone app makes it easy to control and monitor the camera remotely. You can check in on your property with a few taps on your phone.
  3. Enhanced Security: The LED light serves both as illumination and a deterrent to intruders, enhancing the overall security of your space.
  4. Peace of Mind: Knowing that you can check on your home or business at any time provides peace of mind, whether you’re on vacation or at work.

In conclusion, the Camera V380 PRO E27 360 Degree LED Light 1080P is a versatile and cost-effective solution for your security and monitoring needs. Its combination of high-definition video, 360-degree coverage, LED light functionality, and remote control make it a valuable addition to any home or business. Enhance your security and convenience with this innovative device

“E27” might indicate the type of bulb base, which is commonly used for light bulbs. Some cameras are designed to be integrated into light bulb fixtures, allowing them to blend into their surroundings.

“360 Degree” typically suggests that the camera can provide a full panoramic view, covering a 360-degree field of view. This is a valuable feature for surveillance cameras, as it can capture a wide area without the need for multiple cameras.

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