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cosmetice (also called makeup, make up, or make-up) are products used to make the human body look different. Originale Cosmetice

Often cosmetics are used to make someone more attractive to one person, or to a culture or sub-culture.

In Western culture, women are the main users of cosmetics.

Their use by men is less frequent, except on stage, television and movies.

Cosmetics are widely used in the world of acting.

All cosmetics are temporary.

They need to be renewed after a certain time.

Cosmetics include lipstick, powders (e.g. blush, eyeshadow), and lotions as well as other things.

Most cosmetic products and methods are intended to improve the look of the face.

There are two categories: those which improve the basic quality of the skin, and those which sit on the skin during active social life.

Skin care

The purpose here is to clean the skin, improve its basic quality, and prepare it for the application of make-up. Products are of these types:


These are the cosmetics which the viewer actually sees on the face (or other parts of the body). They are some or all of these:

Rouge or blusher: talcum-based reddish powder, to give a more youthful appearance. Used mainly to emphasize the cheekbones, sometimes to redden the cheeks. Very ancient, used by the ancient Egyptians.
Face powder. Or translucent powder applied with a powder puff, brush or sponge, it comes in all shades to match skin.Originale Cosmetice
Eye make-up.
Hand care: manicure and nail polish

Facial cosmetics

Cleansers, used to remove make-up and clean the skin.
Toners, used to remove oil from the skin and close the pores on the skin.
Moisturizers, used to make the skin soft and to reduce evaporation of water from the skin.
Primers, used to prepare the surface for the later application of make-up.
Concealers, to mask flaws or slightly modify the colour of the skin.
Foundation, a product which holds face-powder in place.Originale Cosmetice

More generally, it create an even, uniform colour, covers flaws and adjusts the natural skintone.

If you have sensitive skin

you know how tough it can be to find products that won’t cause breakouts, redness, or discomfort.

As a team of beauty product reviewers, most of whom have sensitive skin, we know what that’s like.

Some of us have naturally sensitive skin, and others experience sensitivity as a result of how many products we test.

When we’re dealing with irritation or skin sensitivity, these are the products we rely on.

Although what works for us may not work for everyone else, this list features dermatologist-recommended brands like Cetaphil and favorable formulas that are fragrance-free.

cruelty-free, and paraben-free, so these products have higher compatibility with multiple skin types.

The right ingredients can help treat and soothe your flare-ups.

Natural formula calculator: the choice of natural
skin care products is right at your fingertips
Calculate the naturality of your skin care products with Clariant’s groundbreaking natural formula calculator.

As the global demand for natural ingredients in skin care products is soaring.

Clariant’s first-of-its-kind digital tool empowers you to make sustainable skin care choices. Originale Cosmetice

For the first time, you can calculate the percentage of natural content in your skin or hair care formulation according to ISO 16128 method.

See how your choice of ingredients impacts the natural origin index of your formulations

You can create your own natural formulations from scratch or choose from one of the exemplary, customizable formulations.

Let the formula calculator analyse the level of naturality in your cosmetic formulations with clarity and transparency.

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